Friday, 2 November 2012

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

You are looking for blog traffic? Disappointed with your traffic shortly increase and fall, or not been increased? We are same! You must constantly search method how to increase traffic rite? So, let's try new way to deal with it. Very simple but quite interesting!! I found this method  on Blog Aril Impian, let's try this method! Fast way to raise your blog traffic.

P/s: Please read carefully

Follow this steps:

  • Write entry like this post, or copy & paste this article. Then give an interesting title.
  • You only need to put the URL LINK below for the entry you wrote in your blog.

  1. Myself V3 Me &
  2. Blog Hanz
  3. BiMies’s WoRLd
  4. Farah Shafiqah
  5. Qila Razak
  6. CekLa
  7. Miss Yaty
  8. Magrib Menjelma
  9. Bila Luna Berkata Kata
  10. Putera30 Photographer
  11. Internet Tutorial
  12. [LUQMAN]
  13. GelakJE!
  14. Aril Impian
  15. Journey of my life....


  • Before you list of the blogs and URL LINK from 1-15 on the entry on your blog, please remove the link number 1.
  • Then, move the Link no.2 be No.1, No.2 will be No.3, and so on.
  • After that enter your blog link at No. 15.

* So the sequence is like this.
  1. Blog Hanz
  2. BiMies’s WoRLd
  3. Farah Shafiqah
  4. Qila Razak
  5. CekLa
  6. Miss Yaty
  7. Magrib Menjelma
  8. Bila Luna Berkata Kata
  9. Putera30 Photographer
  10. Internet Tutorial
  11. [LUQMAN]
  12. GelakJE!
  13. Aril Impian
  14. Journey of my life....
  • Remember! Don't change the order of blogs list. If the blogger follow this formula, it will generate backlinks like this:
  • When your position at No. 15, the no. of backlink is 1
Posisi no.14, Jumlah backlink = 5
Posisi no.13, Jumlah backlink = 25
Posisi no.12, Jumlah backlink = 125
Posisi no.11, Jumlah backlink = 625
Posisi no.10, Jumlah backlink = 3,125
Posisi no.9, Jumlah backlink = 15,625
Posisi no.8, Jumlah backlink = 78,125
Posisi no.7, Jumlah backlink = 390,625
Posisi no.6, Jumlah backlink = 1,953,125
Posisi no.5, Jumlah backlink = 9,765,625
Posisi no.4, Jumlah backlink = 48,828,125
Posisi no.3, Jumlah backlink = 244,140,625
Posisi no.2, Jumlah backlink = 1,220,703,125
Posisi no.1, Jumlah backlink = 6,103,515,625

Have a good try...

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